Lion & Lamb, 2

Christmas has come and gone. Another season of Advent celebration and holiday festivities has come to a close. The Christian’s central focus during this time is not gift-giving, food, or even family time. The centrality of Christmas is Jesus; every believer will affirm this. The significance of the incarnation cannot be overstated. The birth of Christ reveals God to mankind and sets in motion the greatest rescue mission the world will ever know. However, the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger should only begin to captivate us. Our pursuit to know this Jesus ought to transcend His holy nativity. The impetus for such a fascination with Christ, as Jonathan Edwards observed over 250 years ago, is the “admirable conjunction of diverse excellencies.” The complexity yet knowability of Christ is simply amazing to contemplate. John’s vision in Revelation 5 helps portray these divine realities for us. The imagery is profoundly rich. Jesus is seen not only as a conquering Lion but as “a Lamb standing as though slain” (5:6). The majesty and meekness of Christ are on full display and in perfect harmony. It is the coming together of this imperial strength and lowly servitude that makes Him the worthy King and Savior. As the New Year begins, let the diverse excellencies of the Lionlike Lamb move you to greater worship and wonder of the whole person of Jesus this year. Make Him your primary pursuit (Phil 3:10-13), and treasure Him as your ultimate joy (Rev 5:13). —Pastor Nate 

Sunday at Liberty

10AM: Pastor Rory Martin–Lion & Lamb, 2–Revelation 5:1-14 (sermon notes

No Evening Gathering

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