Doubting Disciples

Doubt is a complicated part of our Christian lives. I can think back on my life when I’ve wanted nothing more than for God to show Himself and affirm that He is real. We are all tempted to trust our sight more than God’s Word. But the Scriptures emphasize that the nature of faith is beyond sight. Hebrews defines faith as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Heb 11:1). In other words, for our faith to be faith, it must be built on more than mere sight. Along a similar line, the Scriptures reveal that not everyone who saw believed. Abraham received direct revelation from God and was called God’s friend, but he doubted and then lied about his wife on two separate occasions. The Israelites saw, among other things, God part the Red Sea, destroy the Egyptians, and provide them water and manna, but they doubted and disbelieved at Kadesh instead of taking the promised land. Further, we could speak to the doubt of Israel’s kings who saw God’s deliverance, then depended on themselves or other nations (think, Hezekiah). Even the disciples, who walked with Jesus for three years, saw His miracles firsthand, but when they saw Him after His resurrection, some of them doubted (Mt 28:17). Imagine seeing the risen Christ and doubting. But we’ve seen nothing less miraculous. We’ve seen God save us and regenerate us from the deadness of our sin; why do we doubt? In these instances, we don’t need to see anything more. What we need is to remember God’s Word. The disciples had heard the Word of God promise the resurrection and the kingdom; that’s what they needed to remember. We have heard the Word of God promise and prove God’s faithfulness; that is what we need to remember. So don’t get discouraged by your doubt; rather let your doubt drive you to the Word and be transformed! –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: BTH–Jeff Newman–Ministry Presentation

10AM: Jeff Newman–Doubting Disciples–Matthew 28:16-20

6PM: Missions Emphasis Night–Dispatches from the Front

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