Servants & Martyrs, 1

It’s easy to feel forgotten and alone. This time of year tends to exacerbate  depression and anxiety. The blues of January begin to settle in as the gloomy clouds of winter restrict the sunlight, and the cold temperatures of Minnesota force you to retreat indoors. If the pressures of life weren’t hard enough, the cold dark months of winter only seem to make it worse. There are many passages of Scripture that provide hope and exemplify a rightly ordered perspective as it pertains to our circumstances. But Revelation 7 supplies a profound level of encouragement when we are tempted to doubt God’s goodness and presence. We are told that believers living in the Tribulation will encounter the most horrific circumstances the world has ever known. And yet, John’s vision gives insight into how God sovereignly cares for His own even in the worst of times. In the opening paragraph of chapter 7, we are told that God holds back cataclysmic catastrophes until He providentially seals His bondservants, protecting them from the wrath to come (v3). Whatever trials you are facing; or whatever times of suffering you are currently experiencing, John’s vision assures us that God is not only capable but intentional in caring for His people. May we rest in the sovereignty of God as we face our fears and navigate the difficult seasons of life. Contrary to how we might feel in the moment, know that God’s grace is sufficient. And trust in God’s faithful commitment to care for His own.  —Pastor Nate 

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: How to Study the Bible 

10AM: Pastor Nate Wagner–Servants & Martyrs–Revelation 7:1-17 (sermon notes)

Fifth Night: No Evening Gathering

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