Trumpets & Thirds, 2

Each day we attempt to take control of our lives. From the time we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, we do everything within our power to accomplish the tasks at hand, fulfill our ideal expectations, and secure our safety and prosperity. At one level, it is fearful and unsettling when we feel out of control. This is why so much of our society has built-in safety nets and insurance packages for everything imaginable. The world is consumed with controlling its destiny. Attempting to predict or prepare for the unknown future can be intimidating and exhausting when we allow ourselves to be controlled by the very thing we seek control over. But at another level, and in a more spiritual state of mind, it is comforting and reassuring for us to know that God is in full control of our circumstances. Man’s attempt to take charge of his life will ultimately fail. The latter half of Revelation 8 dramatically showcases this reality. Ever since Genesis 3, the human race has been seeking self-preservation and independent dominion apart from God. But when all is said and done, mankind will be unable to escape the reality of God’s sovereign control over his life. After the seventh seal is broken, God unleashes a barrage of “trumpet judgments” upon the world. There is unprecedented destruction that comes by means of seven angels that will “sound” forth the judgments. In other words, the Lamb not only has the authority and power to break the seal judgments but He demonstrates sovereign control over said judgments as each angel accomplishes exactly what God demands. For the unbeliever, it is a fearful thing to not have control in the end (Her 10:31). But for the believer, one’s hope does not depend on controlling the unknown but rests in the hands of a sovereign God who not only administrates justice but prolongs His mercy. In the face of uncertainty, may you live the rest of today, or better yet, the rest of your life marveling at God’s sovereign control while trusting in His sovereign care for you.—Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

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