Locusts & Armies, 1

Evaluating the visions of Revelation can be a tricky and confusing business. Some of the things that John sees seem to make perfect sense to us, like when he sees war and famine, but other aspects of his vision are quite confusing. Perhaps one of the most confusing visions that John has is recorded in Revelation 9 when he sees an army of locusts coming out of smoke released from the abyss. These locusts can torment people in a way similar to a scorpion sting, and they looked to John like small warrior horse-people (v7-10). As we consider this vision we might respond by thinking either that John has lost his mind or that God has lost His. However, we need to remember that John was doing the best he could to describe what he saw in language that his readers could understand, so that gets him off the hook. And we certainly should never think that God could do anything foolish in His work in our world. We might not be able to determine precisely what John was seeing in his assessment of the “demon locust” in Revelation 9; however, we can be sure that because God predicted them, they will happen. We could speculate about what in our world might fit John’s description, but it’s better for us to rest in God’s work and trust His wisdom. We are regularly tempted to think that our plans are wiser than God’s. We question the way that he works in our lives, and we question the way that He works in the world. In one instance we might think He’s being too hard, in another we might think He is being too lax, and in yet another, we might think that He’s just too crazy. This attitude reveals the arrogance of our hearts in thinking that we can instruct the infinitely wise God. We cannot, and if nothing else, the “demon locusts” at least remind us of this truth. God is wise; His ways are best, and we must submit to Him. So help us, God! –Pastor Rory

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