The Best Help

Asking for help doesn’t always come easy. Here in the West, we live with a very independent individualistic mindset. The thought of inconveniencing someone or admitting our shortcomings lends itself to a level of embarrassment or humility we simply aren’t comfortable with. We have the same tendency when it comes to our spiritual lives. In chapter 14 of John’s Gospel, Jesus answers a series of questions from His disciples following the last supper. You can imagine the level of confusion they must have felt listening to Jesus say some pretty radical and uncomfortable things, not least of which included His eternal existence and His equality with the Father. By the end of the chapter, Jesus not only provides a beautiful picture of His role within the Godhead, but the believer’s unique inclusion into this Trinitarian relationship (v20-23). No doubt the disciples were left a bit astounded and bewildered by Jesus’s words. How can this all be possible? What Jesus just described to them would have been considered blasphemous by any religious Jew of the day. And yet, this teaching of co-inherence of the Father, Son, and Spirit remains consistent with Scripture’s understanding of monotheism and the nature of God. Jesus was not concerned about solving the tension in the minds of His disciples or explaining all the inner workings of the economy of God. The majesty and mystery of the Trinity should not leave us anxious or frustrated at its seemingly incongruent incomprehensible reality. Rather, we as finite mortals, should simply stand in awe at the God who is vast beyond time and space, the God who owes His existence to no one, the God who is neither contained nor restrained by anything outside of Himself. And yet, this is the God who loves and the God who helps. As you ponder the Trinity this week, allow this centralized truth to lead you to new heights of joy and love as you marvel at your relationship with the Spirit who indwells you (v16), the Son who provides peace and assurance of His return (v18, 27), and the Father who loves you as His own (v23). There is nothing more reassuring to our faith than to know that our help comes from the LORD (Ps 121:2). Regardless of what you face this week, you can trust Him. He is the only Help we will ever need. –Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: 1 John 2:1-6–Keeping His Commandments

10AM: Pastor Rory–The Best Help–John 14:16-31 (sermon notes)

6PM: Evening Gathering at the Martins’ –The Covenant–Jeremiah 31:27-37

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