Judgment & Wrath

Have you ever been told, “Patience is a virtue”? Why is this cliche so widely quoted and accepted? In short, it is linked to moral and upright living, which promotes peace and happiness. But why are people really inclined to be patient? If you dig a little into someone’s answer or you perform a quick Google search, you will find that the general answer has something to do with how life will be easier for you—less conflict, more productivity, happier outcomes, etc. Or perhaps the reason for being patient is answered by another cliche, “Good things come to those who wait.” Now, like any other “virtuous behavior,” motives do matter. In the end, we can be very self-serving and thus very unvirtuous for why we choose to be patient. But ultimately what makes patience a virtue is not because it profits you or even benefits others, but because God is patient. In Revelation 14, John beholds three visions. The first vision involves the triumphant Lamb and the preservation of the 144000. The second vision demonstrates God’s merciful patience. Not only will He commission the 144000 Jews to preach the gospel throughout the tribulation, but He includes angelic beings in this mission. Revelation 14:6-7 helps us see a depth to God’s long-suffering that the world has never known. Despite all the destruction, blaspheming, hateful rebellion, and mass killing of believers, God will continue to provide a way of escape. Mankind will be afforded indisputable evidence that is beyond God’s general revelation. There will be no excuse for disbelief, humanly speaking. Those living throughout the tribulation will witness an angel flying in “midheaven” proclaiming the eternal gospel from the most visible vantage point on earth. Up to the very last possible moment, God will be providing murderous hateful Satan worshipers an opportunity to avoid His wrath and turn to Him. That is the epitome of patience and that is the essence of the gospel—God lovingly and mercifully extending salvation to all of us, the “least of these.” May we never grow tired or impatient of proclaiming the saving message of Jesus and rejoicing in His undeserving love for the souls of sinful men.–Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: 1 John 2:15-17–Not Loving the World

10AM: Pastor Nate–Judgment & Wrath–Revelation 14:6-10 (sermon notes)

6PM: Evening Gathering at The Waters–Missions Emphasis Night 

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