Resurrection & Reign

The end of God’s purposes on the present earth is beautiful. This is particularly true when we contrast the end for the workers of darkness and the end for God’s people. In Revelation 19 the beast and the false prophet find destruction in the lake of fire. They contrast with the heavenly army which follows Christ in His conquest. In Revelation 20 we see similar contrasts. The initial focus is on the future of the dragon. He is bound and buried. An angel brings a great chain to subdue the dragon as he sends him into the abyss. This contrasts with the martyrs who reign with Christ in resurrected bodies. This is beautiful. The dragon, Satan, enters the abyss, which the angel shuts and seals like a tomb, while God opens the tombs of the saints as their bodies rejoin their souls. The dragon, bound with a mighty chain, loses all the power and authority God gave him. The martyrs receive thrones and the opportunity to reign alongside Christ as judges. In this beautiful contrast is the joy of life in Christ. God may allow the evil one and his minions to persecute and destroy us now, but a day will come when He will bury their power and raise us up to take their place. This is only possible through the work of Christ. He received the same harsh treatment from the world. Their hatred led to His arrest, murder, and burial. But God turned the story around by raising Jesus from the dead. Now death is dead, and through the work of Christ, we receive the same resurrection and reign that He did. This isn’t because we are good people or even better than most, but because of the grace and mercy of God. Nothing in our hands we bring, only to His cross we cling. Only through His cross do we receive His gracious victory, a victory over the dragon and the second death. –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Can We Study the Incomprehensible?

10AM: Pastor Rory–Resurrection & Reign–Revelation 20:1-6 (sermon notes)

6PM: Evening Gathering–Dominion Revoked–Daniel 7:1-28 

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