Throne & River

Shortly after God created everything, the first humans doubted His goodness. They followed their doubt into rebellion against God’s sole command. This plunged people and creation into the curse of sin which results in death. For millennia, creation has struggled under this curse. The horror of death stings. The brokenness of relationships burdens. The pain of procreation frightens. But the curse went further. It also brought struggle to human work. As God pronounced the curse, He outlined that Adam would tend the garden by his sweat. To have life-sustaining food to eat, Adam would fight weeds. Even still, we all recognize the intensity of this labor. We fight to grow our food, beautify our gardens, and maintain our lawns. However, God has promised to make all things new! Part of the newness of what God is preparing is the reversal of the curse. In God’s new creation, He will remove the curse. In the new creation, God will plant trees beside the river of the water of life. These trees emphasize the removal of the curse. They bear fruit every month, and they seem to bear different kinds of fruit (a different kind every month). Not only that, but their leaves are valuable too. Instead of raking leaves in heaven, we’ll be using them for healing. These realities illustrate the fruitfulness and effectiveness of creation without the curse. This reversal impacts us too. Instead of rebelling against God, we will serve Him. Instead of making a mess of things, we’ll rule forever. These chapters are full of hope and expectation. Hope that things can change. Hope that things will change. This is God’s purpose, and His words are faithful and true. So don’t lose heart as you face the curse. When you go to pull those weeds, let them remind you that God is going to remove their curse. When you fight against your sin, let the battle remind you that God will finish His work in you. It will happen; you will see it; don’t stop believing. –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Can a Man Know God?–John 1:1-5

10AM: Pastor Rory–Throne & River–Revelation 22:1-5 (sermon notes)

6:00PM: Evening Gathering @ Martins’–Temple Water–Ezekiel 47:1-12

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