Alpha & Omega, 2

“We all accept the fact that Scripture is true, or at least I hope you do. The validity and veracity of Scripture are self-affirmed in the pages of the Old Testament as well as the New (Ps 119; 2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Pet 1:19-21). The Canon of Scripture has stood the test of time against the onslaught of attacks by scholars and critics throughout the centuries. Its revealed truth and the meaning of the text have been accurately preserved by faithful copyists and translators for millennia, and we praise God for that. His divine revelation is proven to be timeless and sufficient for every generation. The Word of God is a priceless gift, which the Psalmist describes as “more desirable than gold” itself (Ps 19:10). The responsibility to treasure such a gift is determined by its value. Believers throughout the church age have recognized the worth of Scripture by how they have guarded and faithfully proclaimed its divine truth. Revelation 22:6-13 speaks to the truthfulness of God’s revelation and for the hearer to heed its words. To “heed” does not simply mean to give careful attention to, as the modern definition would have you believe. Rather, the command “to heed” carries connotations of keeping and guarding. How we value God’s Word will drive these actions. Jesus says in 22:7 that there is a blessing for the one who heed His words. Later in 22:12, He mentions that He is coming quickly with His reward. There is no greater endeavor than to heed the Words of Christ because there is nothing of greater worth than the truth He reveals. What was John’s response? He worshiped God (v8-9). I cannot think of a better way to heed the pages of Scripture than to give your life to the worship of the One who is coming quickly.” —Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Can God Do Anything?–Matthew 1:18-25

10AM: Pastor Rory–Alpha & Omega, 2–Revelation 22:6-13 (sermon notes)

11:45AM: Potluck

12:30PM: Church Family Meeting

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