From Jerusalem and Beyond

All Christians share the responsibility to take the gospel around the world. Jesus commanded us to preach the gospel to every creature (Mt 28:19-20). He also encouraged us to pray for more workers (Mt 9:35-38). With the advantage of looking back in history, we can see how God’s people acted on this responsibility. The apostle Paul endeavored to take the gospel from Jerusalem to people who hadn’t yet heard it. Everywhere he went, the people heard about Jesus. In the following centuries, the disciples of Jesus have followed his lead. The gospel moved across the Mediterranean Sea and into Europe. God’s people also brought the truth east toward India and China. In time, the gospel made its way to the Western hemisphere and transformed that half of the world. And still today, God’s people are sending evangelists all over the globe to point people to the truth. We remain an important part of this work. We can praise God for the partnerships He’s given with many saints in nine different countries. Our prayers and financial support are a significant part of their important work. Although our global partners are God’s provision for more workers, we also are harvest laborers in our own communities. In other words, God has answered this prayer by sending us to Eden Prairie. Harvest laborers don’t only move to different countries and learn foreign languages. Sometimes they walk across the street and provide a meal for their neighbors. As we pray for workers, let’s not forget that we can be workers too without needing to leave our neighborhood. The gospel still saves, so let’s proclaim it. Lord, send us into Your harvest! –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Patrick Odle–Priorities of a Sending Church–Acts 13:1-5

10AM: Patrick Odle–Helping in the Harvest–Matthew 9:35-38

11:45AM: Missions Banquet

12:30PM: Thom Berkowitz–Prayer That Shakes the Heavens–Daniel 10

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