A Broken Covenant

God is faithful to keep His promises. This fact is the basis of our faith. We must believe in God’s faithfulness, for without it, we have no guarantee of salvation. For these reasons, God’s faithfulness is a great comfort to His people. But this reality has a negative side, as well. We tend to focus on God’s promises of blessing and hope. These are what bolster us in the midst of life’s trials. However, God made other promises as well. He promised that if Israel broke His covenant, they would suffer from enemy attacks and natural disasters. He also promises that those who reject Him will die twice in the lake of fire. When the curses God promised came upon Israel, they could have thought that God had abandoned them and His promises. Yet the reality is that God was only keeping His word. In Judges 2:1-5 God makes it clear that Israel would sleep in the bed they had made. It was their rejection of God’s promise to drive out the Canaanites that made their situation worse. Now those Canaanites would be a thorn in their side for years to come. We must be careful that we don’t ignore the promises of God in dealing with our sin. Not considering the full orb of God’s promises could have devastating consequences. God is faithful. He keeps all His promises. Even the ones we wish He wouldn’t. But we shouldn’t want it any other way. Our salvation depends on it. –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Can We Have Victory over Sin?–Matthew 4:1-11 and Hebrews 4:16

10AM: Pastor Rory–A Broken Covenant–Judges 1:22-2:5 (sermon notes)

11:45AM: Potluck

12:30PM: Members’ Meeting

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