Child of God

If you’re not careful, you might find yourself singing it. Handel’s Messiah has embedded the words of Isaiah 9:6-7 into our minds. However, this familiarity with the text can obscure the meaning of the text. What does Isaiah mean that the Messiah is the Wonderful Counselor, Might God, Eternal Father, and Prince of Peace? Each of these titles uniquely identifies Jesus as the God-Man. Wonderful Counselor points to His supernatural wisdom. God has infinite wisdom so Jesus embodies the best thing to do in the best way. He is also the Mighty God, sharing the absolute, infinite power of God. Jesus can do everything that God can do because He is the Mighty God. As Eternal Father, Jesus is the originator of all things. Only one who is outside of time can bring time and everything in time into existence. Prince of Peace highlights His role as Messiah and the end of His work. Kings and their sons could strive for peace all their days. Jesus is the only anointed Prince (Messiah) who will consummate true peace. This is the Messiah that God promised to send from the day sin entered the world. And this Messiah is God Himself. That’s why Isaiah points to the zeal of God accomplishing this. It was God’s passion for His glory that motivated Him to come Himself. At the birth of Jesus, God fulfilled His promises and established Himself in the world. It’s so much more than an upbeat classical song that sticks in your head through repetition. It points to the fulfillment of promises millennia in the making. And in doing so, it establishes trust in our hearts that God will do the same for us. This child born to us changes everything because He is God with us, everything about God with us. Now we can perceive all God’s wisdom, power, creation, and peace in us and in the world. In this, we hope! – Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9:15AM: Coffee Fellowship

10AM: Pastor Rory–Child of God–Isaiah 9:6-7 (sermon notes)

5PM: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

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