A Powerful Hope

Every New Year brings with it renewed goals, hopes, and resolutions. Failing to achieve our worthy aspirations by the end of the year should not dissuade us from recommitting ourselves yet again. When God established time, He created seasons that are measured by days and eventually years. Just as we begin each day with fresh beginnings and new objectives, the same holds true with each year. The New Year provides us an opportunity to reflect on the past twelve months and assess our accomplishments and failures along with the lessons we have learned and the adjustments we should make for the future. This mental exercise is helpful but it can also be discouraging as we recognize our proneness to fail…again and again. If you’re anything like me, New Year resolutions are rarely achieved to the extent I originally intended. This reality exposes deficiencies inherent in all of us. We eventually fail no matter how hard we try. In the Old Testament, we find that God’s chosen people are no exception. The children of Israel failed in their devotion to Yahweh time and time again. Judges 3 introduces to us the cycle of their continuous failures by noting in verse 7 how they gave up on God and embraced the paganism of their day. But God didn’t give up on them. As a loving Father, He chastised them and eventually delivered them having heard their cries (3:8-9). God knew full well it was only a matter of time before Israel would reject Him again, and yet He graciously extended His hand of mercy and faithfully sustained them. This gives me hope. God’s knowledge of my future failures does not dissuade Him from providing grace and offering forgiveness. God not only provided temporary deliverance for Israel through the various judges, but He provides permanent deliverance for all of us today. We must learn to run to our Deliverer and never forget what’s been accomplished on our behalf. Jesus must be our primary pursuit for 2024. Failures will occur, temptations will arise, but let Christ be your life and hope this year. –Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Can We Find a Righteous Ruler?–1 Cor 15:20-28

10AM: Pastor Nate–A Powerful Hope–Judges 3:7-11 (sermon notes)

No Evening Gathering

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