A Child Who Obeys

It’s not hard to find Jesus amazing. He turned water into wine, fed five thousand with a boy’s lunch, and calmed the sea. At His birth, the angels sang; at His death, the earth quaked; and then He rose from the dead. But His early life is even more amazing to me. At the end of Luke 2, twice we read that Jesus grew (Lk 2:40, 52). Try to comprehend growth and change in our infinite and unchanging God! But even more amazing is Jesus’s submission. God in the flesh submitted Himself to His parents whom He created. Jesus’s example in this is important. Perhaps instead of thinking of ourselves as having arrived, we would do well to think like Jesus. He knew His role and responsibility, and He rolled with it. His stepping into human flesh meant He would have to learn and grow into an adult, so He did. His humanity meant He had parents, so He submitted, although His wisdom exceeded theirs. It is a sign of our sin that we who are less than Jesus, resist growth and submission. But God gives us grace (favor), as He gave to Jesus (Lk 2:40, 52). And with that grace helping, we also can grow and submit, like Jesus did, for His glory. –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Uniting Fellowship–Hebrews 3:12-13

10AM: Pastor Rory–A Child Who Obeys–Luke 2:39-52 (sermon notes)

7PM: Prayer Meeting

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