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Death from Sin

After Adam and Eve gave into the temptation to eat the fruit, the consequences were immediately noticed. The shame and guilt was evident in their hiding from God and trying to cover their shame with garments of leaves. The relational chaos that ensued was evident in their blame-shifting and excuses. The death that was passed to us all immediately began to work. But even in all the bad, God continued His gracious provision for humanity by promising a seed who would bruise the serpent's head, by providing lasting clothing, and by preventing us from living endless lives tormented by the pain of our sin (in blocking the tree of life). In man's darkest days the light of God's grace shines brightly to bring us hope instead of despair. May we be reminded of our own hope in the gospel this Sunday!
We will continue all our series this week at our gatherings: In Sunday school we will look at Matthew 7:1-11 and judgmentalism as we near the end of the sermon of the mount. In the morning worship we will step into the consequences of Adam and Eve's sin looking at Genesis 3:8-14 in our Origins series where we will see God's gracious provision even in our rebellion. Then in the evening worship, we'll continue on in Psalm 119, looking at v49-56. I look forward to our gathering on Sunday and the worship of God's people in His grace.