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Doers of Wisdom from Above, 2

Where does wisdom come from? In James 3, we are told that wisdom comes from above; that means we are dependent on God to give us wisdom. In fact, it seems synonymous with the fruit of the Spirit and our transformation into Christlikeness. So, wisdom is all of grace, but we frequently fail in our submission to grace. Instead of allowing the Spirit to humble us, we exalt ourselves. Instead of resisting the flesh, the world, and the devil, we pursue all three. Instead of mourning our sin, we shrug it off. And instead of examining our own hearts, we blame others for our problems. But God gives more grace. Thankfully, we can never out-sin the grace of God. Join us Sunday as we consider God's grace and our submission to it.

Sunday at Liberty

  • SS: Church Councils and Creeds–Constantinople, 2
  • AM: Pastor Rory–James 4:1-12–Doers of Wisdom from Above, 2 (sermon notes)
  • PM: Joe Valentin–Nehemiah 8–The Impact of God’s Word