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Free Christians, Disciplined Church

I am often frustrated by my lack of discipline. I put off responsibilities that I don't like to do for things that I enjoy more, and often I find myself at the end of my responsibilities scrambling to get things done. Sometimes people like me say that they "work better under pressure" as a way to excuse their lack of discipline, but I can say that it is nothing more than self-centeredness and sin that causes these complications in my life. But Paul encourages us to discipline ourselves toward godliness (1 Tim 4:7-8). I thank God that He is continuing to work on my own self-discipline issues and that my transformation is dependent more on His grace than my self-discipline. May God strengthen us all to grow to discipline ourselves to be godly!
This week at Liberty we will continue the new Sunday school series Saved, on the doctrine of salvation where we'll be talking about the doctrine of election. Then in the morning worship we will turn back to our 1 Corinthians (Being the Body) series as we finish chapter 9 looking at Paul's discussion of self-discipline. In the evening worship we will discuss the balance of grace and discipline as we consider Paul's encouragement toward discipline in other of his writings. And the youth have a SNAC at the Hall's following the evening service. I hope you will display your commitment by spending time worship God, hearing His Word, and fellowship with His people. See you Sunday!