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Garden in Eden

Humanity's unique creation reveals God's gracious care for us in many ways, and in that gracious provision, we recognize that we have certain responsibilities that the rest of creation does not share. Because we have the unique breath of God breathed into us, we can use our God-given rational to trust Him in spite of how much we are tempted to think that our plan is better. As we yield to God's gracious care in faith, it is there that we find all that is good and satisfying. May God strengthen us to trust Him in all things. 
This week at Liberty we are back to our regular Sunday school hour in which we've been studying the Sermon on the Mount; this week we will look at the heart of lust in Matthew 5:27-32. In the morning worship we will return to our Origins series in Genesis as we look at God's planting of Eden and His blessing man in Genesis 2:4-17. The evening worship will feature David Mumford as he reports on his recent trip to Chad and their future ministry direction. I look forward to gathering for worship together on the Lord's day.