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Men of God

It can be discouraging as we walk through life dealing with the consequences of sin that we've inherited from our father Adam. With humanity living sinfully destructive lifestyles all around us and our having to deal with constant death, we may be tempted to question God's promise to provide to have the snake's head bruised. But even in generational death and societal sin, we can have confidence in God's Word for He gives us glimpses of what we hope for. When we focus on God's Word and His Spirit's reassurance we can continue to hope in God no matter how grim the circumstances. 
This week we continue our Sunday school series on the doctrines of God and the Bible as Josh teaches on special revelation. In the morning worship we will look at Seth's line in Genesis 5, how they contrasted with Cain's line and kept hope in God in spite of sin and death. We will return to Psalm 119 for the evening worship as we consider that God is good and does good. I believe God's Word will provide us with the confidence that we need to continue hoping in God no matter what. I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday!