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Resurrected Christ, Changed Body

If we aren't careful in our thinking about the resurrection, we might begin to think that our resurrection will be a mere re-animation of the bodies that we currently have. We might even think that the resurrection is some thing like a zombie apocalypse. Yet, Paul is adamant that although there is a continuity between our current bodies and our resurrected bodies, our resurrected bodies are of a different sort of body from our current bodies. Thus the transformation that we will undergo in the resurrection ought to inspire and motivate our current transformation as we strive for what is to come before we experience its full reality. May God grant us the grace to be transformed into the image of His already glorified Son that we might magnify His glory in our yet natural bodies. 
This Sunday at Liberty, we are back to "normal." We will be back in 2 Samuel as we consider the fall of the king in our The Rise and Fall of the King series. Then in the morning worship we will draw our attention back to 1 Corinthians and Paul's teaching on the resurrection in chapter 15 in our Being the Body series. In the evening worship we will consider our own similarity to David and the Corinthians as we look at Psalm 119:1-8 which addresses our sin and the gift of righteousness we receive through faith in the gospel. What better way to spend your Sunday than gathering with other redeemed sinners who are rejoicing in God's grace in their lives. May we rejoice in God's grace in our lives as we gather this Sunday.