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Sin from Temptation

Everyday of our lives, the lusts of our flesh draw us toward sin and rebellion against God. If we don't recognize the tactics of temptation, how it twists the truth and lulls us into distrust, we will be caught off guard and frequently give in. But through the work of the Spirit and the grace of the gospel, there is hope for us to endure temptation and continue to grow in our experience of the righteousness that is our through Christ. May God strengthen us to resist temptation in spite of our fleshly tendency toward sin. 
This week in our gathering we will continue our Sermon on the Mount study during the Sunday school hour looking at the end of Matthew 6 and the necessity of seeking God's kingdom instead of this life. In the morning worship we will return to the Origins series in Genesis 1-11 by discussing the snake's temptation of Eve and humanity's fall into sin in Genesis 3:1-7. The evening service is our quarterly members' meeting with fellowship to follow. I look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday.