Believing God’s Promises

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God made promises to Abraham, but He didn’t always make the path clear. God didn’t tell Abraham where to go until he got there, and He didn’t tell him how he would be a great nation. But Abraham trusted anyway. Abraham left his home and wandered around Canaan waiting for God to tell him where to stop. He stayed in Canaan with Lot waiting for God to make him into a great nation even though he didn’t have a son. Sometimes believing God’s promises means waiting 400 years and letting your children receive the blessing, but believing God’s promises always has its reward. Abraham believed God, and God justified him. The same is true for us. We may not always see the promises fulfilled like we want or when we want, but God cannot lie, and He is always faithful.

Sunday at Liberty

  • SS: Daniel: Unending Dominion – Dominion Displayed
  • AM: Pastor Rory–Genesis 12:1-9; 15:1-21–Believing God’s Promises, 1: Abraham & God (sermon notes)
  • PM: Pastor Rory–Psalm 119:113-120–Do Not Let Me Be Ashamed of My Hope

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