Believing God’s Word

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We’re well aware of humanity’s sinfulness; it is all around us in society and ever present in our own hearts. Usually our sin is a result of faithlessness. We can’t believe that God could provide for us, so we make a less than honest business transaction. We struggle to believe that God is satisfying, so we pursue our flesh and indulge our lusts. We must turn away from this faithlessness and trust God faithfully. But thankfully, even when we do sin, we have hope because God is merciful and gracious to sinners. Sometimes, He may even use our sinful choices to accomplish His greater purpose. We could point to Judah’s sin with Tamar that led to the eventual birth of Abrahams greatest seed or Judas who betrayal of Christ led to our salvation. Of course, none of that excuses our faithless sin, but it does give us hope that even when we have sinned, we’ve never sinned ourselves out of God’s grace and redemption. Repent and allow God to redeem you as you are.

Sunday at Liberty

  • SS: Unending Dominion (Daniel)–Daniel 3: Dominion Attacked
  • AM: Pastor Rory–Genesis 12:10-20; 16:1-17:27; 20:1-18–Believing God’s Promises, 2: Abraham & Doubt (sermon notes)
  • PM: Afternoon Service–Annual Members’ Meeting (1:30pm)

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