Partnering in Christ

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One of the privileges of being a part of the larger body of Christ is that we have opportunity to partner with other believers who are doing God’s work in areas where we will likely never get to go. This partnership allows us the opportunity to participate in their ministry from afar through our support. This reality elevates our responsibility in missions as we recognize that both the good and the bad that are done in our supported ministries becomes our work. John was quick to warn the church about partnering with those who are deceivers and antichrists in 2 John, but in 3 John he encourages believers to actively participate in the work of those who are faithful. The responsibility is weighty, but the joy of seeing a spiritual return on our investment far outweighs the burden. We have a great privilege to partner with many good and faithful men and women who are using our support to push the church forward all around the world. May God strengthen us to fulfill our investment faithfully, and may He bless our missionaries with continued faithfulness in the work.

Sunday at Liberty

  • SS: Jean Tsen
  • AM: Pastor Rory–3 John–Partnering in Christ (sermon notes)
  • PM: Jean Tsen–God’s Work in Boston

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