Faithful Suffering

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My typical response to suffering is surprise and dismay. I want a comfortable life of ease, and I’d prefer to avoid suffering altogether. But as we think about our suffering, two responses should dominate: 1) If we are practicing sin, we should respond to our suffering with repentance. In this case our suffering serves the same purpose God had for sending Israel and Judah into exile, as a warning to return to God. 2) If we are practicing repentance, we should respond to our suffering as an opportunity to share in the sufferings of Jesus and to glorify God in Him. God has a purpose in every suffering, no matter how much it hurts. Our responsibility is to consider our suffering carefully and respond to it as God desires. Where I tend to fail in this is in my trust in God. I want my trust in God and His sovereignty in my suffering to exceed my desire to be comfortable. May suffering continue to change me and all of us!

Sunday at Liberty

  • BT: Jeff Tuttle–Loving the Church & the Neighborhood
  • AM: Nathan Wagner–1 Peter 4:12-19–Faithful Suffering
  • PM: Nathan Wagner–1 Peter 1:6-7–Don’t Waste Your Suffering

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