The Messiah’s Peculiar Forerunner

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We all sin; this is a fact that Scripture emphasizes (cf. Rm 3:9-20), but how we respond to our sin is a key reflection of our hearts. When I sin, my flesh wants to cover it up to prevent others from knowing about it and to minimize my feelings of shame. According to 1 John 1:6-9 to respond this way removes the possibility of fellowship with God and forgiveness from God. But when I am able to suppress my flesh and bring my sin to light through confession, I initiate repentance, find forgiveness, and restore fellowship with God. This is not easy. My flesh loves to think that if I can only hide my sin and prevent others from seeing it. Then people will like me and I will retain my position of influence or acceptance. But my greatest need is not to influence people or to be accepted by people. My greatest need is to be right with God, and repentance is the only way to find it. May we all repent as the Kingdom continues to draw near.

Sunday at Liberty

  • BT: Jeff Tuttle–Obstacles & Limitations to Neighboring
  • AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 3:1-12–The Messiah’s Peculiar Forerunner (sermon notes)
  • PM: Salt Lake City Team Report (Associate Pastor vote to follow).

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