The Messiah’s Authoritative Expectations, 2

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The Christian life is marked by faith and humility, not a life driven by fame and monetary gain. We live in a society that is constantly pandering for recognition and rewards. First century Palestine was no exception. According to Jesus, the lifestyle of the pagan and the lifestyle of the Pharisee were strikingly similar (Matt. 6:1-8). Though one group of individuals appeared to be religious toward God, both groups were inherently self-consumed and full of pride. 

As believers, we struggle daily over pursuing the wrong kind of rewards. I for one face the temptation to artificially manage my image for the sake of an earthly prize or the praise of man. Yet Jesus makes it perfectly clear that there is no reward in practicing righteousness for the sake of recognition (Matt. 6:1). The earthly gains and accolades of today provide no lasting joy or eternal reward. In fact, we are told from Scripture that they ultimately lead to death (1 Tim. 6:9). The eternal reward of joy and fulfillment is found in God when we humbly turn to Him as our ultimate reward. 

May we resist the temptation to conform to the worldly desire of pleasuring ourselves with earthly rewards, but instead seek to make God the Master of our lives and the joy of our existence. – Pastor Nate Wagner

Sunday at Liberty

  • BTH: Pastor Rory–Ecclesiology–Credo vs Paedo (Baptism)
  • AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 5-7–The Messiah’s Authoritative Expectations, 2 (sermon notes)
  • No PM Worship: Fifth Night–Outreach

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