Who’s Next?

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God’s plan is to use us to reach another generation for Christ. That starts with teaching our children the gospel and pointing them to Jesus. For many of us, that responsibility begins in our own homes as we seek to make disciples of our own children. The church, as a whole, shares a responsibility to reach the children of members, especially, but reaching the next generation doesn’t stop with children. Universities across the United States have become mission fields in their own right, with foreigners pouring in to gain knowledge and learn about our culture. By making disciples of these college students, we can see the gospel taken into countries that are closed to the gospel and foreign missionaries, and these converts may become the seed of churches around the world. But we also need trained pastors for these churches. And that is where intentional discipleship after conversion can point prospective vocational ministers toward that work that God’s Word calls good. From cradle to college, the need to reach the next generation is a huge responsibility. May God grant us the wisdom to praise God’s works and declare His mighty acts to the next generation, as He commissioned us before He ascended.

Sunday at Liberty

  • BTH: John Park–Deuteronomy 6:6-9–Teach Them Diligently
  • AM: Caleb Stein–Philippians 2:25-30–A Worthy Example to Follow
  • PM: Joseph Rukavina–Luke 9:1-6, 10-17–In Christ’s Name

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