O Come, Thou Dayspring

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December is the darkest month of the year, and we will soon experience the darkest day of the year. We don’t particularly enjoy the darkness, but it provides a fitting time of year for the celebration of Christmas. The Scriptures compare our sin to darkness (cf. Rm. 1:21; Isa. 9:2), and Jesus Christ to a light (cf. Jn. 1:4-5; Isa. 9:2). Christmas bursts into our calendar at the darkest most depressing time of the year with lights, celebrations, and parties. So also, when sin is at its darkest, the incarnation provides light and hope in the glory of Jesus Christ and the gospel. The hope of Christmas is light instead of darkness; peace instead of brokenness; and righteousness instead of sin. As the Dayspring continues His rise in our hearts, may He chase away the deathly shadows and guide us into peace. – Pastor Rory Martin

Sunday at Liberty

  • BTH: Pastor Rory–Ecclesiology–Unity vs Uniformity
  • AM: Pastor Rory–Luke 1:67-80–O Come, Thou Dayspring (sermon notes)
  • PM: Christmas Vespers & Tea  

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