The Messiah’s Concerned Forerunner

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When times are tough, I find myself wanting to give up. This stems from my inability to see what God is doing behind the scenes of what is happening. When John the Baptist was in prison, he started to second guess what he’d believed and preached. He questioned whether Jesus was really the One he’d waited for, in spite of God’s clear revelation at Christ’s baptism. But Jesus’s response to John’s doubt was to show compassion toward John and to provide information for us. Jesus explained that John’s greatness in God’s eyes and the greatness of the opposition to the Messiah were facts that John had missed. While knowing what high regard God had for John doesn’t explain God’s view of me, it does remind me that my perception of the way God and others think of me might be skewed. Perhaps everyone isn’t against me; perhaps God sees me as greater than anyone else does. The greatness of the opposition also changes my perspective on this world. Things will get worse before they get better. As I wait for the justice and peace of the kingdom to arrive, I must not let wickedness or opposition to the gospel discourage me. Instead, I must remember that it’s always darkest just before the day dawns, and things will continue to get darker in this world until Christ appears to set things right.  – Pastor Rory Martin

Sunday at Liberty

  • BTH: Pastor Rory–Exodus–God’s Call & Moses’s Resistance (Ex 3:1-4:18)
  • AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 11:2-19–The Messiah’s Concerned Forerunner (sermon notes)
  • PM: Pastor Nate–Malachi 3:1-5  

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