The Messiah’s Confused Opposition, 1

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Everything we do and how we operate involves talking. Regardless if your daily wordcount is much higher or much lower than someone else, words matter more than we often realize. Jesus said in Matthew 12, “Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.” We may think words are not very important because so many of them live within the little mundane moments of our lives. But the fact of the matter is, words reveal our hearts. Neutrality does not exist. If you summarize James and the book of Proverbs, words either speak life or they speak death. Every conversation we have communicates love, joy, hope, wisdom, peace, or words of anger, judgment, contempt, etc. According to Christ, our words will either justify or condemn us (Matt. 12:37). The take-away is not to limit our word count or to even guard what we say, but rather to address the root cause—our own hearts. This is a more difficult task than simply curbing our tongues. The sad truth is “the heart is deceitful above all things and desperately sick” (Jer. 17:9).  It’s because of this reality that we must never stop believing in and depending on the transforming work of the gospel and the person of Jesus Christ. May our hearts be quick to repent and may our mouths be quick to confess that Jesus is LORD.  – Pastor Nate Wagner

Sunday at Liberty

  • BTH: Russ Frederick–Exodus–Pharaoh’s Arrogance & God’s Wrath, 2 (Ex 8:20-9:12)
  • AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 12:22-37–The Messiah’s Confused Opposition, 1 (sermon notes)
  • PM: Annual Members’ Meeting (1:30pm-following fellowship lunch)  

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