The Messiah’s Kingdom Disclosure, 3

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The feeling of joy is a fundamental part of the human life. It’s not a conviction or a good idea we simply discover by happenstance; nor is it a decision we make at the snap of a finger. Joy is an emotional response we feel when we experience times of peace, satisfaction, love, accomplishment etc. In other words, joy is determined by what we value. In Matthew 13, Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven to a treasure that a man finds in a field. He ended up selling all that he has to obtain it because of the joy the treasure offers. The reality of this kingdom radically changed this man’s life. He was willing to give up everything because he not only recognized its eternal worth, but he felt the lasting joy only a disciple of the kingdom can know. This treasure was the center of his worldview, the preeminence of his life. The joy we find in Christ, the King of the kingdom, will rightly order our perspective, help us in bouts of depression, moments of temptation, discerning God’s will, and times of suffering. Why? Because a disciple’s worldview says, “Christ matters more.” May we see the value of this kingdom, seek it for all it’s worth and boldly proclaim its everlastingly, all-satisfying joy of knowing and treasuring Christ and His kingdom. – Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

  • BTH: Jeff Tuttle–Exodus–Israel’s Grumbling & God’s Mercy (Ex 15:22-17:16)
  • AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 13:1-53–The Messiah’s Kingdom Disclosure, 3 (sermon notes), Communion
  • PM: Pastor Nate–Proverbs 2:1-6–The Lord Gives Wisdom  

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