The Messiah’s Faithful Provision

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Many people find their physical concerns to be the permanent occupation of their minds. We spend most of our lives concerned about our health, our bank accounts, our provisions, and our schedules. These consume us, because the problems they represent are real and often difficult. But Jesus wants us to focus on something much more difficult to feel, but much more pressing—our spiritual concern. During His life, Jesus proved that health problems, lack of provisions, and storms were no problem for Him. Time and time again, He took care of these problems for people through healing and miracles. He did this so that we would recognize that these physical concerns aren’t the real problem. It’s one thing to be without lunch or dinner, but it’s another to be without the Bread of Life. Our physical health is important, but our spiritual health will matter long after our physical health has failed. When Jesus fed the five thousand, they still needed a meal the next day. Everyone He healed eventually died. But those who believe in Him find everlasting life, abundant life. My point is this: My biggest need isn’t having food for my next meal or a clean bill of health at my next doctor’s appointment. My biggest need is Jesus. I need Him to change my heart. Without that need being met, no amount of food or good health will really matter at all. – Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

  • BTH: Pastor Rory–Exodus–God’s Covenant & Israel’s Commitment (Ex 19:1-20:26)
  • AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 14:13-36–The Messiah’s Faithful Provision (sermon notes)
  • PM: Jeff Tuttle–Psalm 65:1-13–God of Our Salvation  

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