The King’s Blessing

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We are living in a time when fear, anger and the full range of emotions are openly expressed and passionately demonstrated in a variety of ways. We seem to be moving from one tragedy to the next in our nation with no end in sight. People are demanding justice, longing for peace, anxious over their health and security, and for the most part, crying out for answers and resolutions that will solve the sin issue that is ultimately at the heart of all this turmoil.

As we have focused on the Psalms during this season, I can’t help but recognize an array of emotional expressions as well, ranging anywhere from loneliness, grief, anger, love, hope, and the list goes on. It is one reason why the Psalms are appealing to so many Christians. More explicitly than all the other books in the Bible, the Psalms are designed to awaken and shape our emotions in line with the instruction they give. How we respond to these chaotic and precarious times must be on the basis of what we know about God. Only then can we truly offer hope to our suffering communities and find comfort for our own souls. 

In Psalm 21 the king expresses joy over the sure salvation of the Lord and his faith rests in the supreme God who is higher and more loving than all. The identity of the king in this Psalm points us to Christ, the true King, adorned with all splendor and majesty (v5). May we trust our King who will one day make all things new. But until that day, let us proclaim Him to our neighbors and surrounding communities as the One who offers lasting hope and abiding peace with God. –Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

AM: Pastor Seth–Psalm 21–The King’s Blessing (sermon notes)

PM: Virtual Hymn Sing

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