The Messiah’s Relational Demands

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Jesus often uses the simplicity of children to illustrate profound truths relating to the kingdom and to the church. Not only are they on intimate terms with the Father (Matt. 11:25) and models of true greatness (Matt. 18:1-4), but Jesus says in our text for this week, “ to them belongs the kingdom” (Matt. 19:13-14). As we grow older, life becomes much more complicated for obvious reasons. And yet, despite all the distractions, hardships and responsibilities, Matthew continues to disclose the emphasis Jesus places on the church in regards to relational conduct. Like children, true disciples of Jesus live out genuine trust and humility within the context of God’s family—the church. This kind of attitude ought to characterize God’s children, not only in how they commune with God but in how they relate and minister to each other. A stark contrast is clear from Matthew 19 as Jesus confronts wrong attitudes from both the Pharisees and the disciples regarding the sanctity of marriage. Rather than maintaining a self-centered practice like that which the Jewish law encouraged, Jesus conveys a God-centered response that understands His original design and intent (19:6). How must we live as a family of God within our individual relational contexts? Become as a child (18:3) and go after Jesus (19:14), “for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” As we learn to follow Jesus, may we grow in our understanding of what it is to humbly live with simple trust, and lovingly embrace our fellow kingdom citizens.  – Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

10AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 19:1-15-The Messiah’s Relational Demands (sermon notes)

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