The Messiah’s Triumphal Entry

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As far back as Genesis 3, God promised to send a Messiah. That first prophecy was like receiving a lone puzzle piece and no picture for a guide. However through the years God added more and more pieces, and the puzzle started to take shape. He promised the Messiah would be Abraham’s son (Gn 12). He promised that the Messiah would be in the line of Judah and David (Gn 49; 2 Sm 17). He promised He’d come from Bethlehem (Mic 5). He made many promises about the Messiah, but it was the promise given to Daniel that would clarify the picture for the puzzle God’s people were trying to put together. In Daniel 9 God gave a date for the Messiah’s arrival, a date so precise that liberal theologians worked to discount it. But the fact remains that Jesus, God’s Messiah, showed up on the very day God predicted, Palm Sunday. It was the final piece in a puzzle that was years in the making. And when Jesus showed up, the reality of God and His faithfulness was established for those who had paid attention to His promises since the beginning. Doubting God’s promises is no longer an option for His people; He’s proven He’s good to His Word. The fear of injustice, death, and hell are removed, for God promised to set everything right in His Messiah. Resurrection Sunday is vital to our Christian faith, but close behind is Palm Sunday when all God’s promises became “Yes!” in Jesus. Are you struggling to believe God’s Word? Look at the promises fulfilled and confirmed on Palm Sunday and trust that God will keep His promises to you too and join the song of Hosanna (Save us!), Son of David! –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

10AM: Pastor Nate–Matthew 21:1-22–The Messiah’s Triumphal Entry (sermon notes)

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