The Messiah’s Stinging Exposé, 1

When you think of pride or hypocrisy, what do you think of first? For those of us who have grown up in church, attending Sunday school or listening to the occasional sermon about such topics, the Pharisee was the prime example that identified as the epitome of pride and hypocrisy. The common tendency was to come away comparing oneself with the odious behavior of the Pharisee. Naturally, we would reject any such association due to their extreme legalism, blatant disregard for heart obedience, the person of Jesus and their self-aggrandizing reputations. At first glance, one might conclude it’s difficult to find any resemblance whatsoever. But if you are like me, as you begin to parse out what Jesus has to say in Matthew 23, you will discover some unpleasant comparisons. Pride and hypocrisy rear their ugly heads in very subtle ways. And because of its subtle and progressive nature, we often fail to recognize the makings of a Pharisee in our own lives. The reality is, we are all this way at some level. Charles Spurgeon once preached, “Beloved, the legalist [in us] is a great deal older than the Christian. If I were a legalist today, I should be some fifteen or sixteen years older than I am as a Christian; for we are all born legalists.” The case being, we are all born believing our works are sufficient apart from God. It’s this fallen legalistic nature we must still confront with God’s help (Rom. 8:13). The Pharisees had ways of appearing to be godly without prioritizing God in their hearts. What they knew about God was disconnected from how they felt about God. May we be humble enough to acknowledge our ever present need for God’s mercy and grace; and may God help us see the eternal weight of glory that comes from submitting to and following after Him with every fiber of our being. – Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Pastor Rory–The Christian & Government–The Limitations of Government

10AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 23:1-22–The Messiah’s Stinging Exposé, 1 (sermon notes)

6PM: Pastor Nate–Isaiah 1:1-9–Alas, Sinful Nation

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