The Messiah’s Dreadful Prediction

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Biblical prophecy is a very popular topic in our world, especially in the days of COVID. I, and others I have talked, to have voiced the expectation of Christ’s possible soon return. But what’s the point of biblical prophecy? Some might say that it is simply for us to know what’s going to happen, but that seems unlikely especially given the vague, metaphorical nature of prophecy. Others might point to the fact that it reminds us that God wins in the end, a helpful realization particularly in the midst of persecution. And that is true, but prophecy’s purpose goes even deeper. At the end of Matthew 22-23, Jesus spoke of a postponed kingdom and hinted strongly at a second coming, something the disciples picked up on as they ask in Matthew 24, “What will be the sign of your coming?” As Jesus answered their question, He told them details about the events leading up to His coming that confirm the most important purpose for biblical prophecy: to remind us that God is in control. When pandemics hit, rumors of war circulate, famines starve, and earthquakes destroy, it’s good to know that these things don’t take God by surprise and that He’s using them to accomplish His plan. Christ spoke these prophecies to His disciples so that when the disciples would face inevitable persecution, hatred, and friends falling away, they would know that God’s still in control and they would endure to the end and be saved. That is the reason for prophecy. Praise God for His sovereignty and His control seen in prophecy. – Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Pastor Rory–The Christian & Government–Ethics of Voting, 1

10AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 24:1-28-The Messiah’s Dreadful Prediction (sermon notes)

6PM: Pastor Nate–Daniel 9:24-27–Desolations Are Decreed

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