The Messiah’s Brutal Mistreatment

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Remembering the gospel is one of the most important and effective ways of enduring temptation. Sin is always tempting, strongly luring us away from the godliness that our faith anticipates. Sometimes the lusts of the flesh and the eyes and the pride of life are so desirable that we forget God and the gospel. In those moments of forgetfulness, we are most likely to quit fighting and let temptation win. But taking a look at the gospel message changes everything, because it reminds us of just how heinous our sin is. Perhaps you’ve heard people talk about “little white lies.” Did you ever consider what our little white lies cost Jesus? None of Christ’s suffering was little, and we are wise to remember that our little white lies were the reason why Jesus had to suffer. The suffering Christ endured before and on the cross remind us that sin is hardly a laughing matter. Sin is bad; bad enough to send Jesus through some of the most intense suffering known to humanity. The good news is that God provided ways of reminding us. One of those ways is the Lord’s Table. At least part of the reason for communion is to remind us of the gospel and the penalty for sin. That’s why Jesus told us to continue that practice in remembrance of Him. Another avenue of reminder is the worship of the saints. The songs we sing, even the order in which we sing them is a reminder of who God is, who we are as people, and what He’s done to make that right. At least one other way that God reminds us of the gospel and drives us to godliness is through the Word. God’s Word constantly points the reader to the cross, clearing away the appeal to sin. These are all God’s mercies as He steers us away from the sin that destroys to the holiness that glorifies. Praise God for each reminder of the glory of the gospel that dulls the lure of sin and brightens the path to godliness. – Pastor Rory Martin

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Travis Gravely–Baptist Mid-Missions Update

10AM: Pastor Rory–Matthew 27:11-32The Messiah’s Brutal Mistreatment (sermon notes)

6PM: Russ Frederick–Isaiah 53:7-12–He Did Not Open His Mouth

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