The Messiah’s Biblical Theology

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Who is Jesus? That is the question that Matthew was trying to answer in his gospel. We might be tempted to think like some of the first century Jews who thought Jesus was merely another prophet. We also might be tempted to think like our own culture that sees Jesus as merely a good teacher in the vein of Confucius and Buddha. But Matthew emphasizes that Jesus is someone much more significant than any of these. He is the Son of the Living God who was sent to take the sins of the world, providing a way of salvation and a means by which humans can glorify God rather than incur His wrath. He is the One who communicates God’s authority over His people. He is the One who fulfills God’s promises and all of the storyline of Scripture. In other words, Jesus is more than merely a man. He is more than merely an above-average human. He is the focal point of all history. And what does that mean for us? It means, first of all, that we look to Him for salvation from sin and hope for life to come. It means also that we submit to Him, letting Him rule our lives through His Spirit so we can be changed to glorify Him. Additionally, it means that we worship Him. He shares the glory of His Father and deserves our praise more than anyone or anything else. May Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, be praised! – Pastor Rory Martin

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