From Fear to Faith, 1

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Habakkuk had a unique opportunity. When he called on God, God answered him with specifics about His plan that we won’t receive. However, although we don’t know the details of God’s plan, we aren’t immune from responding like Habakkuk did. After God revealed His plan to bring in the Chaldeans, Habakkuk told God, straight up that he didn’t like God’s plan. “Your eyes are too pure to approve evil, and You cannot look on wickedness with favor. Why do You look with favor on those who deal treacherously? Why are You silent when the wicked swallow up those more righteous than they?” (Hab 1:13). Habakkuk felt that God’s actions didn’t fit His character. But even when we are tempted to say that the injustice and evil we observe don’t seem to fit God’s character, we must remember that God isn’t done. He is working a master plan that will not be finished until the end when He justly punishes the wicked in the lake of fire and brings us into the New Jerusalem, our final rest. In that day, death, the grave, evil, and injustice will be done away with for good, and the sovereignty of Christ Jesus the Lord will be established. That’s why John reports in Revelation that “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death will not exist anymore—or mourning, or crying, or pain, for the former things have ceased to exist” (Rev 21:4). Like Habakkuk, we might go up into our watchtower to wait to see what God does in our lifetimes, but we must remember that even from our watchtower, our perspective is limited. God is eternal; He sees the big picture. His wise sovereign plan will not be thwarted. So we submit to Him longing for the day when all will be made right through His Son, Jesus Christ. –Pastor Rory Martin

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Pastor Rory–Titus 2:11-14–Living Legitimately

10AM: Pastor Nate–Habakkuk 1:12-2:1From Fear to Faith (sermon notes)

6PM: Pastor Rory–Luke 13:1-5–Worse Culprits?

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