From Confusion to Confidence

If you are anything like me, your spouse has to remind you that your overly optimistic outlook is often unrealistic. Thankfully my wife helps bring balance to my optimistic ambitions more times than not. Optimism can be a good thing, but it can also be rather problematic. Positive thinking that is not held in check by rational thought and a realistic perspective can lead to disappointment, failure and self-induced stress. The flip side to optimism is of course, pessimism, which is the tendency to expect the worst outcome, driven by a lack of hope or confidence in the future. Neither attitude proves to be all that beneficial or virtuous; both will exhibit negative consequences. The person who claims to be a “realist” is one who believes they have struck a healthy balance between the two. However, for the Christian it’s not a matter of picking or choosing from either or, but instead learning how to live with godly optimism. This is a lesson that the prophet Habakkuk had to learn when he was confused over God’s plans. Rather than allowing the negative circumstances of his life to frustrate his faith in God, Habakkuk came to realize that his confidence in God could not be driven by his human outlook on life. Instead, his hope in God had to dominate his outlook on life. It was not a matter of simply forcing himself to think positively and to hope for the best. Habakkuk’s God-centered optimism had to grow out of tears of faith-led lament that ultimately affirmed God’s sovereignty. This kind of optimism places confidence in God’s character and hopes in His abiding promises. Why? Because God’s ways are not our ways—His plans are always better than whatever we might envision. When you grow confused and frustrated with your circumstances, reject faithless pessimism and assume godly optimism. Face tomorrow with your confidence firmly grounded in God.  As the hymn writer states, “When all around my soul gives way, He then is all my hope and stay.”  – Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Pastor Rory–Titus 3:9-11–Forsaking Foolishness 

10AM: Pastor Rory–Habakkuk 1:1-5–From Confusion to Confidence (sermon notes)

6PM: Missions Emphasis Night

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