The Goodness of God’s Words

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Words are everywhere. We see them and read them; we think them and say them; we write them and send them. Each day almost 4,500 books are published, over 300 million newspapers circulate, and nearly 5 million blog posts are written; that’s a lot of words. But we can all agree that some words matter more than others. The words that matter most are the words that God has given. Psalm 19:7-10 speaks of the significance of God’s words in five ways. First, they give life. Since the words of God restore the soul and rejoice the heart, they move us from death to life. This is reinforced in John 1:3-4 which emphasizes the creative power of the Word as life. God’s words also transform since they move the simple to wisdom and enlighten the eyes. God is eternal in His wisdom, and that means all of His words are wise. They teach us and transform us, equipping us for every good work (2 Tim 3:16-17). The fact that God’s words endure is a third significance. God’s words always prove true and are an unfailing foundation for those who will hear them and obey them (Mt 7:24-27). These other significances lead to the fourth that God’s words are valuable, more desirable than even the finest gold. We easily misplace our value in things of this earth that fail or grow obsolete or ineffective. But since God’s words are life-giving, transformational, and enduring, they carry far more value on them so that we treasure them in our hearts (Ps 119:11). Finally, God’s words are satisfying, sweeter than honey. Food is one of the most enjoyable gifts God has given providing a nourishment and satisfaction that we can over-emphasize. But God’s words give nourishment to our spirits and satisfaction to our souls that is unmatched. This is why we place such a priority on God’s words at Liberty Baptist. These inspired words are our enduring source of life, transformation, value, and satisfaction. And we have access to them all the time! What a wonderfully, good gift God has given in His words. –Pastor Rory

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