Simeon’s Song

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The year 2021 is quickly coming to a close with New Years right around the corner. A couple of weeks ago I commented on how the darkness of winter is analogous to the darkness of sin. And therefore, what better time to celebrate the light of the Savior bursting onto the scene of a world lost in darkness than at the darkest and coldest time of the year? As we look at Simeon’s song this week, I am reminded again of how acutely profound this time of the year is. Luke 2 reveals the closure of an old era with the dawning of a new era coming to pass. Luke seems to emphasize this by detailing the role these Old Testament saints played in highlighting the coming of Christ and the transition from something old to something new. Zachariah, Elizabeth, Ana and Simeon were all godly saints who Luke stressed as ones who walked in all the commandments of the law and were righteous before the Lord (1:6). In the case of Ana and Simeon, they were devoted temple-goers who cherished the hope of the OT prophets (2:25, 38). These aged individuals modeled the quintessential OT saint who kept the law of Moses while holding on to the hope that was to come. These were among the first who recognized and welcomed the arrival of the Messiah. The King had arrived; the kingdom was near at hand. No longer were they waiting for the “consolation of Israel.” This was a time of great joy! There was no room in their hearts for disappointment over the closure of an era that defined their identity and consumed their time and energy. Nor was there resentment over the fact that the Messiah had come as a “light to the Gentiles” (2:32). They rejoiced that the time of fulfillment had come! What better time to celebrate Advent than at the arrival of the new year? May our “new era” remind us of the reality in which we live—the era of grace, light, newness, etc. As we close out the year and partake in the Christmas festivities this weekend, may the reminder of Advent renew all the more our appreciation for the newness that God wrought within our own hearts. Rejoice in God’s continued faithfulness even when our bleak past attempts to drag us down into a state of resentment or regret. Cling to the hope that Advent has made a reality. –Pastor Nate

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