A Day of Messianic Pronouncement

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Can one week change world history and the lives of countless numbers of people? The passion week accomplished just that when God brought to culmination numerous prophecies and promises concerning the redemption of humanity. We often take these events for granted, failing to appreciate their magnitude because we find the stories so familiar. But it is necessary for us to rehearse these events for our own spiritual well-being. If we fail to recognize the significance of Palm Sunday, we may fail to recognize Jesus as the rightful King who has the right to rule our hearts. If we ignore the significance of Christ’s betrayal, mistreatment, and crucifixion, we may also ignore the heinous nature of our sin and be more willing to give in to temptation. And if we aren’t reminded of the resurrection, we may be consumed with the fear of death and live like today is all we have. You see, the passion week’s impact doesn’t stop with the events themselves, nor does it stop with our faith resulting in salvation; rather, the events of the passion week have an impact on every moment of our lives. For these reasons, Christ Himself instituted a regular reminder of His passion in communion. Also, the church set aside certain regularly recognized holy days to drive our remembrance back to Christ’s passion. Ultimately, this is the gospel, “which [was preached to us], which [we] also received, in which also [we] stand, by which also [we] are saved” (1 Cor 15:1-2). It changes everything, but most importantly, it changes us. – Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Dr. Doug Bookman–Friday – A Day of Messianic Perfection

10AM: Doug Bookman–Sunday – A Day of Messianic Pronouncement

11:45AM: Q&A with Doug Bookman

No Evening Gathering

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