Dad’s Encouragement

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We live in a distracted world. Day in and day out our culture seeks to distract itself from the pain, boredom, or “mere irrelevance” of life. Our devices become a quick and easy way for us to escape these difficult moments of life through videos, articles, and games. But the Christian life demands more from us; it demands the attention of our minds. This is the dad’s advice in Proverbs 4 when he tells his children to pay attention to his words, to keep them in the midst of their hearts, to watch over their minds with all diligence, and to keep their gaze fixed straight in front of them. Rather than seeking constant distractions, we need minds that focus on the wisdom found in God’s Word. This requires sitting and thinking, pondering the big questions of identity and purpose that might make us uncomfortable. It requires us to focus on the truths about God that are revealed in the Scriptures so we can discern the events of our world better and avoid the despair of those without the hope of the gospel. It is only when we are able to turn our attention away from the flashing lights that seek to distract us that we will find life and our ways established. And we will find that the attention we give to God’s Word and wisdom provide something even more lovely to behold for we will behold God Himself. We’ll see the flashing lights growing dim, our fear of missing out fading, and our hearts drawn to the beauty of holiness. This is the life promised by wisdom, but it requires our attention. So put down your phone, turn to Scripture, and focus your attention on God! –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Pastor Rory–Attitudes in Prayer: Seriousness

10AM: Pastor Nate–Dad’s Encouragement, 3–Proverbs 4:20-27 (sermon notes)

5PM: “Potluck” @ Davanni’s, Golden Valley

6PM: Hymn Sing @ Fourth Baptist Church, Plymouth

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