Wisdom’s Friends

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People enjoy associating with famous or well-known people. We garner the respect and admiration of others based on our friends and associates, and we consider knowing famous people or knowing people who know famous people a badge of honor. Wisdom boasts some impressive friends and associates. First, in Proverbs 8:12 we are told that wisdom is roommates with prudence and knows where to find knowledge and discretion. Prudence and discretion function as synonyms as the ability to see the eventual end to which a path leads. Prudence, knowledge, and discretion function as wisdom enhancers that sharpen one’s skill to anticipate dangers and process them effectively. They are good friends to have, and we gain them through wisdom. The second associates of wisdom in 8:15-16 are rulers. Politicians are reaching ever greater celebrity status in our culture with so much entertainment masquerading as news, and to be associated with political power always gains some admiration. But wisdom’s friends aren’t just any rulers; rulers don’t have wisdom by default. The second half of both v15 and v16 indicate that these are good and just rulers, the kind with whom God-fearers would want to associate. Perhaps the greatest of all wisdom’s friends is in Proverbs 8:22ff where wisdom asserts that she is God’s eternal friend. She was there at creation (8:27-29) and was beside Him as a master craftsman (8:30). To be a friend with God is a privilege that may be overlooked by our celebrity enthralled culture but one that exceeds that of even the most powerful ruler or celebrity. Each of these friends of wisdom have the power and prestige that we would brag about, but the last of wisdom’s friends turns things more personal. These final friends are actually potential friends as wisdom implies a condition on her friendship in v32-36, but even with that said, those potential friends are all of us. That’s right, you and I can be associated with the one who dwells with prudence, hangs out with kings, and created with God. Although this friendship requires listening ears and humbly waiting at wisdom’s door to learn, the fact remains that we can be wisdom’s friends! Now that’s a privilege, a relationship worth bragging about. No amount of celebrity friends or associates on social media can compare with being wisdom’s friend and an associate of her friends. It’s a privilege given to those who will listen and believe the wisdom of God. So set aside the virtual friendships of social media and invest some time to friend wisdom! She’s always willing to add more- Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Reformation Heroes: John Wycliffe

10AM: Pastor Rory–Wisdom’s Friends–Proverbs 8:12-36 (sermon notes)

6PM: Pastor Rory–With God–John 1:1-13

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