Alpha & Omega

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Perhaps one of the most well-known statements by Jesus in Revelation is that He is the Alpha and Omega. This significant statement is especially important in Revelation. It emphasizes that everything started with Jesus and everything ends with Jesus. Since He is before the beginning and after the end, He is outside every time-stamp. He is eternal. The reason this matters so much in Revelation is directly connected to the book’s content. Who else would we believe about the end of the world more than the One who can see all of time as One outside of time? Revelation is written at a time when opposition to Christianity was increasing. Christians were being put to death, and things were looking pretty bleak for the church. Jesus’s revelation reminds the persecuted church in every age that nothing takes Him by surprise. He knows about it all; He allows it all; and He has a plan in it all that cannot be thwarted. It’s easy for us to grow fearful and doubtful as we see opposition to Christianity rising in our world and culture. However, Revelation reminds us that God, who is outside of time, is not surprised by an anti-God culture. No matter how strong that culture and its opposition seem to us they can never win in the end. These truths transcend eschatological positions. Every Christian affirms that even if God concedes ground in the battle, He’ll certainly win the war. This isn’t based on mere wishful thinking; it’s based on God’s Word and His character. He is Alpha; He is Omega; He was; He is; He is coming; and He’s almighty. I think that says enough! –Pastor Rory

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Reformation Heroes: Martin Luther and Katharina von Bora, part 1

10AM: Pastor Rory–Alpha and Omega, 1–Revelation 1:1-8 (sermon notes)

5PM: Potluck

6PM: Pastor Rory–First and Last–Isaiah 41:1-16 

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