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Perspective is everything. How we process information is filtered through a perspective that is developed from experience and knowledge. In Revelation 4 the apostle John receives a vision of the throne room of God that undoubtedly enhances his perspective of worship and the majesty of God. When we are allowed to view something from a different perspective it changes how we see it or perceive it. On August 14, 1959, Explorer 6 sent back the first images of the earth from orbit, which changed everyone’s perspective. It changed the way people thought about space, our galaxy, and everything else beyond. It changes the way we think about our individual lives and how they fit within this universe and what our individual lives mean. On the one hand, you might think of yourself as much smaller and insignificant than you’ve ever thought of yourself before. But on the other hand, you might think of the vastness of the cosmos and how it is here that God determined to display the crowning glory of his creation. It’s mind-boggling to comprehend. In a similar fashion, John moves from an earthly perspective in chapter 3 to a heavenly perspective in chapter 4. As we struggle with the hardships of life and our own personal sanctification as did the seven churches in Revelation, our perspective must be shaped by the knowledge that a holy majestic God sovereignly reigns on His throne. Our perspective of God affects everything. It affects what we worship, how we worship, what we love, how we persevere, etc. Stand in awe anew at God’s glory as you read Revelation 4 and 5 and as you consider the significance of God’s heavenly worship. But also stand firm amidst the ongoing pressures of this world, knowing that the King of the universe who receives all glory, honor, and power is eternally and sovereignly working all things together for your good and His glory. —Pastor Nate

Sunday at Liberty

9AM: Reformation Heroes: Martin Bucer // Membership Information Seminar

10AM: Pastor Nate–Throne & Worship–Revelation 4:1-11 (sermon notes

6:00PM: Pastor Nate–Overwhelming Glory–Ezekiel 1:22-28 

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